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About S. Mays Construction

As a top New Jersey Metro area hardscape/masonry/snow plowing contractor and an industry leader for more
than a decade, our accomplishments, track record, enthused customers and dedication are a result of a
client-centered approach and an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction in our hardscape construction
performance. Here is what you get when you contract with S. Mays Construction as your paving, brickwork,
patios, steps/stairs, sidewalk and driveway contractor:

Competence and Excellence: We consistantly design picture-perfect projects and unique designs. Our
well-earned accolades are a result of a core commitment to our clients, underscored by technical and trade
know-how. Your project will receive professional supervision, attention to detail and design input rarely found in
our field. We are certified in and committed to green construction and we bring a common sense approach to
sustainability, focusing on getting you the most benefits for little or no additional costs.

Value: Our mode of operation, low overhead and aggressive pricing mind-set all combine to bring you
industry-leading performance at reasonable and highly competitive prices.

Peace of mind: We have completed hundreds of projects successfully and to our clients' complete satisfaction.
We will do no less for you as your Bergen County hardscape/masonry contractor. North Jersey is an extremely
competitive market for construction, but we are confident you will find that we offer the greatest value along with
the highest caliber workmanship. Please follow the link above to review some of our clients' testimonials. You will
never have to deal with a salesperson (we don't employ any) and we will always offer level, competent and
professional advice. All the principals involved with your project, from the company's president on down, are
available to receive your call, e-mail or text messages. We believe that open, on-going and unhindered
communication is pivotal to a successful project and happy clients.

Predictability of outcome: Typically, the contractors vying for your project would assign a Project Manager to
supervise and manage the actual work. Your experience with such a contractor and the actual results you get
will vary widely, based on the competencies of the 'super' in charge. This uncertainty and variability is eliminated
in your dealings with us. Your project, from the design phase through end of construction and beyond, is
personally supervised and managed by our company's president. This is the case with every project we agree to
undertake as your Bergen County Licensed Contractor.

Warranty: We are confident that our work is the best of any Northern New Jersey contractor. We offer our
warranty on all of the work we do and products we provide and we stand by our work as well.
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